What do you want your cake to look like?  How do you want it to taste?  Icing makes the cake stand out!

BUTTERCREAM icing is soft and buttery.  It's soft and can be piped into beautiful flowers and other designs. Buttercream can be used to fill between layers and to cover cupcakes.

FONDANT is a rolled icing that is widely used to cover cakes for a smooth, defined finish. Excellent when you want your cake to LOOK perfect.  Some basic flowers and figures can be made of fondant.

GUMPASTE is mixed with fondant to make elegant and realistic flowers and other decorations which, with care, will literally last for years.

ROYAL ICING dries hard and is great for covering cakes, over a layer of MARZIPAN - a sweetened almond paste - OR for decorating sugar or gingerbread cookies.

GANACHE is a chocolate and cream mixture that covers cake with a smooth glazed finish.  It's beautiful on a decadent chocolate cake and can also be used as a filling.