Here are just a few of the special comments clients have sent to Sweet Lady Cakes

"Sweet Lady Cakes is truly amazing. Lynne's creativity, skill and passion is evident in each cake she creates. Her yummy creations are just that - unique - one of a kind - and crafted with love. She truly knows how to capture the customer's vision and goes the extra mile. Thanks Lynne" JH - Ontario

"The cake was AMAZING!!!!! Everyone loved it! I ate 2 pieces - unheard of for me! The sponge was delicious and the mousse was tasty too. If I didn't say this with enough emphasis when you were there....the decorations were unbelievable. So realistic!" SS - Toronto, Ontario

"The cake was a HUGE hit.....I just had some....yummy....the people at the restaurant were all looking and commenting about the cake....you did an awesome job...thank-you so much." CM - Woodbridge, Ontario

"Thank you so much for all your help on my wedding day! The beautiful cake you created continues to make me smile!"
LP - Richmond Hill, Ontario

"I just wanted to let you know that we absolutely LOVE(d) the cake. It looked and tasted amazing - even the fondant which normally I don't like, tasted great. It was a big hit at the party with many people telling me how pretty it was, and a lot of people asked me where it came from. So thanks again!"
JS - Toronto, Ontario

"What a talent you have Lynne! You made an edible version of my symbol! How cool is that!" HK - Oshawa, Ontario

"Lynne, your creative cake design of the logo was "spectacular"!! It brought tears to everyone's eyes. The cake was as delicious as it looked, and everyone commented on it. Thank you for making this day of celebration for my sister's complete recovery, a special day! I know, for my sister Heidi, seeing her personal symbol creation in this cake, made her heart melt. It meant a lot to her. It meant a lot to all of us!" LM - Oshawa, Ontario

"Huge hit. And SO tasty! Like REALLY tasty, I'm not sure I knew cake could be so delicious!!" MF - Toronto, Ontario